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Natasha Fletcher
Weight Management Consultant
NLP Practitioner

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I understand how difficult losing weight can be because I have been there! It wasn't until I understood the reasons for my weight-gain that I was able to take action. I knew that until I changed my psychology and shifted the way that I thought about my health, I would never be able to really change. And this shift in my thinking, along with making a commitment to change, has literally changed my life.


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Certified NLP Practitioner
LCH Diploma

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Weight management is not only about diet and exercise. Despite good intentions people often find it very difficult to change their lifestyle.

As a body-confidence consultant I work closely with individuals to be more active and eat more healthily, and also target the root causes of weight problems. The result is improved health and well-being.

With your self-esteem and body confidence improving, you will feel happier and more balanced, both physically and emotionally.


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