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Natasha Fletcher
Weight Management Consultant
NLP Practitioner

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Mission Statement:

As your body-confidence consultant, I will listen to you, believe in you, support and encourage you on your journey, helping you to identify and overcome the blocks and obstacles that have been holding you back from successfully losing weight. I will provide the help and support that you need to look to a long-term, realistic solution for comfortable weight-loss.

I will help you to take control of your diet and lifestyle by making simple but effective step-by-step changes to your life, creating a plan for life that suits you. It will be a fun, challenging and exciting experience that will change your attitude to weight loss - and to your life in general - without feeling deprived. You will feel fantastic as each week passes and the pounds drop off.

You will have more energy, confidence and a zest for life as you achieve your desired weight, resulting in a body that looks and feels fantastic.

My goal as your body-confidence consultant is to motivate and inspire you, and accompany you on what will be one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys of your life.

An initial 30-minute consultation is free. If you are ready to commit to change and ready to get started, contact me. I would love to hear from you.

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Natasha Fletcher
Weight Management Consultant

Certified NLP Practitioner
LCH Diploma